telephone app Online service

We are inviting you to our weekly online service made available on our phone app. 
This service caters for our mid weekly prayer, and Sunday teaching of the scriptures.
All you need is your own phone, then ring us to get connected to the app and join us to listen in or take part in our live discussions each week.

We tackle some important topical issues like, prayer does it work? why do we need the ancient book like the Bible in our modern world? 
Another fascinating topic like Covid 19, is it God's punishment to the world? And many more complex issues that could broaden your knowledge and ours too.
This could help bring the change God wants to start in your life and family too.

Time of service for mid-week prayer : 9pm-10pm Wednesday and Thursday.
 Sunday service : 12.00pm-1.30pm in the afternoon.

God bless you.